Saturday, February 27, 2010

Feels Like the First Time

As we near the end of Rishi Kapoor Week, a few tidbits: here's a song from Rishi and Neetu's auspicious first film together (Zahreela Insaan, 1974). Who knew to what it would lead?

Unfortunately, their first few movies together are "out of stock" on Nehaflix, including this one and Khel Khel Mein, which has crazy Rakesh Rohan as a prankster friend who gets them involved with criminals, so I'm obviously desperate to see it. I must not be the only one doing research on the early years.

I did order a copy of Zahreela Insaan, hoping it might make it to my door in time for '70s week, and it arrived last night. The description reads in part: "Arjun was like the King Cobra, deadly when someone stepped upon him and aroused him." That sounds pretty tough, considering that on the cover, a fluffy-haired Rishi has a definite resemblance to that middle boy on The Brady Bunch. Unfortunately, while the DVD menu has normal coloration, the film itself is entirely tinted green! Somehow, I don't think that was an artistic choice based on the vaguely snaky theme.

So now, instead of griping, I'm grateful that the YouTube clip is as high-quality as it is. Since Rishi doesn't sing in this number, it makes him seem like the sex object of the piece. But he is pretty cute with that mustache -- if overshadowed by the truly amazing earrings Neetu is wearing. I'm not sure there's a man alive who can compete with those earrings.

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