Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Classics Club


I've decided to stop ranting about the state of the humanities and do some things about it. So, under the October umbrella, I've added the Skull and Book Library, where I'm reviewing books as part of the Classics Club. I hope to get some stuff on there about literary adaptations I've done, for public reading purposes, but haven't gotten that whipped into shape yet. And some other notions ... with the idea of passing things on "pro edificatione posterorum," or "the edification of posterity," as my friend Johannes Trithemius put it (he was a German abbott, late 1400s, writing about the value of hand-copying books).

The reason I'm putting it under a separate sub-heading, instead of folding it in to the main blog, is that, while my reviews, for example, tend toward that jaunty, irreverent Anarchivist tone, it's still a case of doing silly things for serious reasons. I want to shine a little spotlight on literature and its concerns ... even if it's all completely futile in the end.

Fortunately, since I've been making an effort to live more off-line (calling people rather than messaging them, for example: I know, as if the phone isn't technology too, but talking is more direct of a communication), I'm finding more energy for blogging. Even when being online, there is a difference between producing something and random scrolling down Facebook. It's hard to stay mindful, but I'm working on it. So with any luck, I'll be updating more here, too!