Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Zombie Tastes Good

I was also listening to John's Black Dirt, but they didn't appear in the search, alas. Glad to see their disc at the used CD store though, and picked it up along with a compilation of early Suicide (mmm, I love Suicide: one of those phrases that sounds rather peculiar out of context) and, what else, oh, a cheap Rasputina. Just to see what those crazy kids have been up to with their gothy dolliness. Or their dolly gothiness.

So yesterday we were just strolling casually down the sidewalk and someone came up and hijacked us for a beverage. Thank goodness for roving sexy librarians! I picked the Swanky Lounge as a destination because I've been wanting to try out a zombie. The bartender was kind of, "Well, I'll have to look it up." What he presented to us were cold, orange-colored, fruity, and full o' rum. Delish! They even came with orange slices and cherries skewered on the plastic pirate swords I loved so much as a kid. (Better even than the parasols. No wonder I have a collection of "cocktail squids.")

I mentioned that, if the scholarship in my recent reading on the history of tropical drinks in America is correct, then every faux Polynesian lounge in the country was serving a different combo of rums and fruit juices and calling it a zombie, so this version was probably, in its own way, authentic. My honey suggested that we should try mixing up all the different ones I've found so far, in order to taste-test. I said we could call them different names, like the Romero Zombie. The Rob Zombie. And the most potent could be the 28 Days Later Zombie. "28 days later, you'll STILL be feeling the effects."

Hey, I can serve them at the same non-existent horror-themed concession stand where we'll fry up "Farmer Vincent's Fritters." Sorry, that's a reference some people think might be too obscure even for our supposed audience, but it still makes me chuckle. "It takes a whole lot of critters to make Farmer Vincent's Fritters." Which is funny because it's so close to the reality, which is, just don't ask what's in that meat product!

By the way, they charged us $6 per zombie. That's a lot cheaper than it usually costs to the raise someone from the dead.

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