Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Music of My Life

Eee, that's the tagline of a radio station that specializes in big band music. It's weird to see your life become Oldies. Don't worry, kids; it'll happen to you too. Ready or not.

Anyway, I see that bad pop music is one of the subjects that people get passionate about. And believe me, that's a good thing! I have a suspicion, or maybe it's a dork-born hope, that a lot of people who are into music started out the same way I did...sitting around listening to the radio nonstop, loving almost everything irrationally and, once in awhile, hating something vehemently. I like to think my taste has grown more sophisticated over time. Rock snob? Guilty! (But better that than a reverse rock snob. Bring it on, Chuck Klosterman!) But I'm still a sucker for the time-machine lure of the songs that started me down the garden path.

Then the same day I was pondering such subjects, this Rob Sheffield book (Love is a Mix Tape) came in for me at the library, and it's pretty good. When he describes himself as a Dr. Johnny Fever in a Les Nessman body, I laughed out lout. I warn you, though, there's sadness, so I don't recommend reading it in a public place if you're prone to the teary-eyed-ness.

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