Saturday, July 21, 2007

There's a book on my Wish List called The Weird of Deadly Hollow. No relation.

Got up this morning to find a Hogwarts baseball cap sitting on the computer, along with the most enormous freakin' book I've ever seen. Okay, I do have a pulpit-sized Bible that's bigger, but, geez. I guess I won't be carting Harry Potter to read on my break today after all. And even though I've spent much my life flipping to the end of books, I'm going to try to resist the temptation.

On the Yahoo news it says that "Snape's nature will be revealed!" so this may be my last chance to hold out the hope that he's a good guy. Not that I think he's hot or anything....a disclaimer I feel the need to make after seeing lots of amateur fantasy art featuring young, shirtless, soulful Snapes.

My honey has a theory that Dumbledore was actually working for Voldemort all along...which would be a shocking twist, but could actually be supported textually, and a plausible case made. I immediately went with, if he was evil (which I don't believe, obviously, just devil's advocatin'), then perhaps Snape was secretly the main force for good everyone thought Dumbledore was!

That sound you'd hear would be the shattering of illusions all over the world.

Since there are other things going on, even in my little life: More street fair food. I've eaten crab fritters (YUM!). A pina colada smoothie. With a big chunk of real pineapple, so good I didn't even miss the rum. Later, a K of C burger, from the home of the "Secret Vatican Recipe." Then some more deep-fried Oreos and a spring roll, and I still have triangular packages of roasted almonds and pecans for later.

In the evening I watched Return to Horror High, in which the young, cocky, and mousse-haired George Clooney is amusingly the first to die. Scott Jacoby, known to us all as teenage heartthrob Mario in The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane, is still pretty cute under an absurd mustache and puffy hair, and despite his uber-80s shoulder-padded blazer with the rolled-up sleeves. The plot of Scream 3 definitely owes something to this movie, and that's before the guy in the black cloak and white mask shows up. A blend of horror-movie parody with some real shocks, not entirely successful, but we've all watched a lot worse.

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