Saturday, July 28, 2007

Now I need to see "Dirty Harry"

Usually when I watch a movie I'm going, "Oh, it's that guy who starred in such-and-such!" It used to really one of my old boyfriends, especially when he'd grouse, "That is not the same guy" and I'd do the research later to prove that it was. Well, if he hadn't been so bossy about it, I might have let it go...

Anyway, last night we were watching Zodiac and it was sort of like that, only with actors playing real people that I knew from other places. First off it was Melvin Belli. As soon as they said his name I piped up with, "Hey, I know him from Star Trek! It's the Friendly Angel. I guess I'd heard that he was an attorney in real life." As soon as I'd said that, another character turned to his and said something like, "By the way I loved your Star Trek." This seemed really strange, since it's not fiction, where I'm more comfortable, but a real-life murder case.

Then later in the movie, the detective played by Mark Ruffalo is accused of faking a Zodiac letter, probably for publicity, by Armistead Maupin, and my jaw just dropped. "Armistead Maupin?" I asked the television. It did not, thankfully, answer me, but my cursory research this morning does show Maupin involved in the case in just this way. Bizarre.

Fortunately, we were able to do more of the normal cameo-watching with people like Donal Logue, who I'm just going to start calling "That Guy Who's In Everything" from now on...

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