Friday, July 13, 2007

"Kill your brother. You'll feel a lot better."

The first movie I ever bought: I was cutting through the shopping center in Uptown, and one of those old Suncoasty video stores was having a sale. They had a big rack of VHS tapes right by the door, so you could see some of what they had without even going in. And I don't know, I glanced in, and immediately spotted...The Lost Boys. I couldn't help myself; I was a woman compelled.

I've talked about the great B-movies that can't possibly live up to their trailers. This is a movie that lives in the shadow of its poster. It's really pretty silly (and oh my god, the clothes! There's a reason I dressed in Frog Brothers olive green all that time). But that tag line, "Sleep all day. Party all night. Etc." will live forever.

When I bought this on tape (around 1992), not only didn't I have a VCR, but I hadn't even owned a television in about five years. Eventually, a friend invited me over to watch it. I don't remember if he'd seen it before, and I hadn't seen it in years. While I was there we watched, oddly enough, some black and white "lost" Doctor Who clips that he had, although I couldn't make much sense of them, other than that the film quality was pretty archaic. Everything comes full circle. (And even that was the name of a Doctor Who episode).

At one point, he came into the room and saw me looking through the TV Guide, fascinated, like it was some sort of alien artefact: a window into the American psyche, perhaps. And teased me a little, as one would to a non-tv watcher, although it seemed perfectly reasonable to me. Then we started watching the movie, and lo, there's a whole thing in the movie: "If you read the TV Guide, you don't need a tv."

I was of course like, "See? I rest my case."

Anyway, HorrorHound magazine just did a story on the movie's locations, and how a lot of the boardwalk was damaged in an earthquake, and I realized I hadn't watched it in awhile. When it was out in the theater and I did a little "zine," I awarded Jami Gertz the "Apollonia Award for Bad Acting." (See Purple Rain for reference). And she gets harder to take with every viewing, especially when she gets all teary-eyed and pouty-lipped and asking for help. They could have found a cooler chick for their gang.

But that's exactly why there's...a Fan Fiction Archive!

Boy, you can't tell that I just got back from a sci-fi convention or anything...

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