Thursday, October 11, 2007

Where else would it come from but beyond?

From Beyond (1986)

A super-young-looking Jeffrey Combs (1986) plays a physicist more normal than Dr. Herbert West, but possibly more hysterical. He's assisting in research to stimulate the pineal gland, largely because for his genius mentor, "The five senses weren't enough...He wanted more." Things go awry and havoc is wreaked, what with the carnivorous otherworldly jellyfish and assorted creatures which people can suddenly see under the influence of the Resonator they've invented. Even worse, the creatures can see the people.

This time, Re-Animator's sweet Barbara Crampton gets to play the ambitious scientist, but she still winds up naked and screaming, and eventually strapped to a table. Some things never change. Then, under the Resonator's influence, she dresses up in leather S&M gear, and starts getting freaky with Combs, who's been rendered hairless and alien-looking, remarkably like Mr. Bowie in The Man Who Fell to Earth.

Hippies talking about the third eye will never be the same again.

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