Thursday, October 11, 2007

Tabby Luchadore

I had to turn the heat on last night, which is always like admitting defeat. That's what all that keeping the thermostat turned down will do to a kid in her formative years. Like I'm not just saving money and energy, I'm proving my moral superiority over the elements by holding out as long as possible.

So his morning, Charlie was staring at the vent like it was possessed by an evil spirit. It could be that last winter is like a dream in his little head.

He and Chloe slept pretty much all day on Sunday, waking up only to yawn. The consequence? A Monday of tearing through the house, jumping on the high shelves they've never bothered before, knocking and dragging boxes around, a whiskers-breadth from a literal bouncing off the walls. And the wrestling! Along with the squealing!

Fortunately, they were friends again by bedime. Now this morning, after vent investigation, I've got a Charlie on my lap, purring like he's never been anything but mellow. That's my bipolar baby!

PS, review of Equinox up at www., for those with time on their hands...

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