Monday, October 15, 2007

Thrill me with your straight razor

Hmmm. That sounds like an homage to Dressed to Kill. Inadvertent!

We've gotten caught up to the invisible man episodes of Heroes, and when I saw Christopher Eccleston's name in the credits, I actually squealed. I hadn't realized how much I've missed having him on Doctor Who. Then when he turned up all scruffy and morally ambiguous...ah, qualities I like in a man!

Also on Heroes: you know, I'm not positive I've ever seen a straight razor in my life. I have no idea where you'd even buy one. But nobody in the land of television ever shaves any other way. Usually with a chick holding the razor. I don't know if this is a fantasy for guys, but trust me, nobody wants to put a straight razor into my hand and say "Here, make sure it's really trimmed near the jugular." Jesus! Razor technology has come a long way, people.

Also in the weekendness, watched a movie called Neon Maniacs that was promising, but it turned out to be no Future-Kill. I guess that's too much to expect. I did, however, love Night of the Creeps. I especially loved Tom Atkins (likeable in the original The Fog, serviceable in Halloween III) as a jaded, sarcastic police detective. I want to get to the point in my career where I can answer the phone by saying, "Thrill me."

Look at that! A professional goal! Hey, it can't be all 80s B-movies and nattering about Old English here.

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