Sunday, October 14, 2007

New Zealand Gruesome

I don't know what's going on there in these scenic islands, but the New Zealand cinema certainly has a way with the gore. Black Sheep is a very odd movie, with strong comedic elements and an obviously comedic premise (zombie sheep attack humans, and their victims become weresheep). But that doesn't stop them from pouring on buckets of offal. Funny that I saw this just after I finally ordered Peter Jackson's finest moment, Dead-Alive, which also mixes off-beat humor with tons o' splatter. (In fact, when I saw it, I thought: the splatter film to end all splatter films! But of course, just like wars, there's always someone with a new twist).

Seriously, there are a few moments that are not for the weak of stomach. Some of them involve just ... meat cooking, which isn't something I like to think about if I want to actually eat it. (I'm not a vegetarian; just grossed out about being a carnivore. Self-conscious but not actually evolved. Story of the human race?) Otherwise, I definitely recommend it. The reaction shots of ordinary sheep just get funnier as the movie progresses. Sort of like in Frogs, although that makes way less sense.

Less sense than zombie sheep? Oh yeah!

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