Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I think it's still winter out there

But I'm not peeking through the shades to find out, not until I have to.

Of course, I clicked on that online headline yesterday about how middle age is the most depressing time of one's life...starting in the 40s. ( Oddly, this news perked me up, since I've already hit 43 and am so far beating the odds.

One of the theories is that "people realize they won't achieve many of their aspirations at middle age," but then learn to deal with it and get happier again as they get to their 50s and beyond.

Wow, some people take that long to realize they won't achieve their aspirations? I think I used up all my angst in my 20s, at least about, you know, fame and fortune and that best-seller I thought it would be so easy to write when I was eleven.

Actually, if I could do anything in the world, I'd mainly read and watch movies (preferably while
clumped with kitties), and then write about them. So although working interrupts that schedule slightly, I'm mostly living the dream!

Speaking of which, I'm perversely psyched about today's headline. There's a new Nightmare on Elm Street movie coming out. ( It'll probably suck, but it can't suck as bad as Freddy's Dead or The Dream Child.

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