Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Equal opportunity irreverance

Hey, my true self is indestructible!

Listening to the crazy catchy Om Shanti Om soundtrack again yesterday, and walking around with Hindi snippets in my head all day. It's bringing me back to childhood, when I was always trying to sing Kyu Sakamoto's classic "Anoko No Namaewa" phonetically, without knowing a word of Japanese. Tricky.

Now, that's a great song. But since you can't find it on CD, I'm pretty sure it's not on MySpace. Worth a look though, just in case.

Anyway, that got me jumping online to find out the actual meanings of the words "om" and "shanti" ... of course "om" is the famous meditation word, and "shanti" means "peace," which I thought from the movie, but I wanted to be sure. So I found this site, http://www.kriya-meditation.com/Miscellaneous/YogaFAQ.htm, which explains the "om" in more detail.
And then this delightful explanation:

"The correct attitude
When repeating "Om shanthi, shanthi, shanthi" the correct attitude should be one of personal surrender of your egoistic Self together with its attendant emotional and physical baggage, but with the understanding that your true self is indestructible."

Hey, maybe I'll accidentally find enlightenment! In my case, repeating 'Om Shanti" causes me to dance around the living room like a crazy person, but if that's what it takes to surrender my egoistic Self, I guess that's what it's going to take.

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