Thursday, January 17, 2008

Deadlier than the male

Well, except nobody died. But I'm happy to have an excuse to put that "Female of the Species" song from Satan in High Heels into my head.

The local paper from my old hometown reported three violent crimes in four days, which is pretty unusual.

On Friday, someone was walking by the supermarket and was stabbed in the chest by an "an unknown assailant who walked up to him and stabbed him without provocation." No details are provided about the assailant yet, even his/her gender, which will seem more relevant in a minute.

On Sunday, a woman stabbed her ex-husband, also in the chest, during a post-weekend-visitation child exchange. (I can't help think of a hostage exchange, but that might not be inappropriate). First nobody stabs anybody for ages, and then suddenly, people are getting stabbed in the chest willy-nilly!

Then on Monday, a guy was picking up some "belongings" from a friend (a female one...I sense trouble!) This led to a fight, during which he was punched, scratched, and bitten on the cheek.
Please remember that all of these incidents are in the "alleged" stage, and the information is subject to change at any time.

My first thought after reading all three stories was: maybe it's some kind of government experiment gone awry. A radiation leak, chemicals in the water, something to turn the locals violent. I haven't gotten around to watching The Crazies yet, but I've read numerous comic books based on the concept. Oh, and there was the old classic Star Trek episode.

Maybe my parents got out of there in the nick of time!

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