Sunday, August 4, 2019

Non-Gamer's Thoughts on Gaming: #RPGaDAY 2019 "Share"

I was recently looking up simple single-player RPGs, and research led me to the Pamphlet Dungeon Jam. Even though, of course, they are not all single-player, and not all simple in rules or content, but the trifold pamphlet format makes for a more compact game. A lot of them are really impressive just as physical objects, and the amount of creativity in one place gives me hope for the future. Something has to!

The willingness of all these creators to take part in this kind of project, and then make their work available for a minimal cost, many of them for free, and of Nate Treme to organize and host the Dungeon Jam, is also one of those things that reminds me of what the Internet can be for: the willingness to share and to support each other. I read this interview before getting to the actual Pamphlet Jam site, so I had read this part: "I thought about doing a ranked jam but decided a low-pressure creative jam was a better way to get more people involved." 

My kind of thought process. 

So I did download some of the games, and again, we'll see if they get played. But at least as creative works, they're worth having.

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