Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween '13

FYI, I was on the radio today, on Prairie Public's Main Street show, which is listenable here. The host, Doug Hamilton, said the selection I read was "chilling. But a warm, poignant chilling."


Here's a select photo from last weekend's trip to our hometown cemetery. The overview pictures don't show how weird and uncanny it was, because without the "before" you can't appreciate the "after." A few years back, there was a big tornado, and there's hardly a tree left. It's like going to visit someone you loved and not even recognizing them. It used to be that you felt completely enclosed, but now it's barren and wide open, so all the houses you never saw before are right there.

Trust me -- it did not look like this before.

I used to think that the trees growing in the cemetery would take on the spirits of the people buried there. Animistic from an early age! And now that the trees and shrubs are all gone, it seems doubly sad.

We also had a very peculiar experience will deserves its own blog post, so, there'll be a few more creeps to come!

In the meantime, Happy Halloween, and keep your pumpkins lit!

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