Saturday, July 25, 2009

Nigahen: Seriously, this time

Okay, only slightly more seriously. But this time my DVD has subtitles, and I'm not going to fall asleep in the middle. We just watched the new Harry Potter movie, so in this viewing, I can't help thinking about Parseltongue. And Voldemort's snake, Nagini, and how that's just like people who name their cats Kitty. Kind of endearing for a dark lord.

Anyway, when last I attempted to review Nigahen: Nagina, Part 2, I left off with Anupam Kher's evil tantrika plotting to abduct unknowing snake-child Sridevi. But he was thwarted by one of her guardian cobras (who are a lot more effective than most surveillance and security devices), and by mid-film, he's actually being kept away by the threat of the police -- a humorously everyday twist in a supernaturally-themed plot, but I like it.

This frees her up to get involved with lunkish Sunny Deol, who's back home after an extended time away. (We know that because of his introductory song, about a stranger coming home to his native land). I thought he was in school or something, but no: his mother reveals, "We had gone to the 'Kumbh' fair. ..My son got so lost in the crowd, that we found him after 15 years! You may call it a miracle!"

Old masala plots never die, but sometimes crop up in casual conversation.

And now things get SPOILERY, so feel free to hit the "back" button:

Sunny is actually under Anupam's power, wooing Sridevi as part of the plot to find the usual mystical gemstone. He'd been turned into a snake by magic, and then back into a human again. Frankly, this is more like a Nagina Matchmaking Service than a sensible sinister plan. Hey, let's set this confused, metamorphed snake-human up with the daughter of another metamorphed snake-human, who's endowed with various snaky powers and sympathies! That couldn't possibly go wrong.

I guess he didn't have any Mongoose Boys lying around the cave that he could use.

A few random thoughts:

When a marriage propsal comes for Sridevi, kindly Grandpa Pran is very modern, saying it's not the place of the elders, but the children themselves to decide. Nor is he at all concerned with Sunny's lower social status (but he might have objected to the snake thing, if he'd known).

Sridevi wears a couple of really pretty saris (one green and gold, one white and pink), but alternates them with some puffy, shoulder-padded numbers reminiscent of bad '80s bridesmaid gowns.


memsaab said...

I haven't managed to watch this yet (too many other goodies around) although I liked the first one :) But oh the painful 80s clothes...those are difficult to sit through...

Anarchivist said...

I didn't even mention the bubblegum pink lipstick. Truly frightening! But then, maybe the fashion choices were all part of Anupam Kher's evil plan...

bollyviewer said...

"Nagina Matchmaking Service" - ROFL. You are hilarious, Anarchivist.

While I would NEVER EVER watch this film (that Sridevi song from part I - Main teri dushman dushman tu mera is still the stuff of nightmares!), I cant wait for the rest of your review.

Anarchivist said...

Ha ha! I giggled so much about your "stuff of nightmares" comment that I'm cuing up "Main Teri Dushman" on YouTube right now, so I can play it for my husband.