Thursday, July 30, 2009

Appalled by the Lunchtime Movie Mags

I haven't flipped through the trashy movie magazines at work as much since they were moved to the second floor. But frankly, usually it's good to be in my own little bubble of interests -- at least until they collide with the outside world.

Entertainment factoid I'm most appalled about, courtesy of the current TV Guide: Saturday Night Live's Chris Kattan playing himself in a "clever three-part miniseries"called Bollywood Hero. My first thought was, "Why haven't I heard about this?" Quickly followed by, "Why did I have to hear about it now? Can't I live in blissful ignorance?" It does co-star Neha Dhupia, who was fairly funny as Julie in Singh is Kinng, but it still sounds even worse than that Cheetah Girls movie.

Second most appalling entertainment factoid, from the July 24 Entertainment Weekly: Scarlett Johansson is playing the Black Widow in the Iron Man sequel. In the new promo pictures, even with a red wig and a black catsuit, Johansson mainly looks pouty, and not at all a plausible Natasha.

I must have been in truly willful oblivion about this one. The last I'd heard, they were talking about Emily Blunt for the role (and yes, I am in fact one of those critical comic book nerds: she'd be all wrong too). It would require a Peta Wilson level of skills to pull off the part. And if they can't do it well, they shouldn't do it at all! Of course, Iron Man was really good, so I'm definitely going to go, and then we can let the fuming commence.


Shellie said...

Well, I don't quite feel qualified to comment on the Iron Man casting call, as I am not a comic fan, but I think I would have preferred Emily over Scarlett.

As for the Chris Kattan movie, I fear that this movie will just solidify negative stereotypes to non-Bolly watching Westerners. I hope I'm wrong.

Anarchivist said...

Yup, I think Emily would have been better, too. Still not right, but preferable. It can always get worse! :)