Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hopefully that's the end of Bad Wolf Romance

My internet was down all afternoon, during what was hopefully the last blizzard of the season, leaving me to rely on the minimalist tv news for information. Not exactly a comfort.

We especially enjoyed the alarmist "no-travel" warnings, picturized on reporters who were out and about, standing in front of the "Road Closed" signs. One of them said the good news was that they were seeing very few cars on the road.

"And all of them are news vans," I said.

Later, my honey asked, "What did they do in the Little House on the Prairie days, when they were stranded in a blizzard and the internet was down?"

Well, they finished season 2 of Torchwood and season 4 of Doctor Who. Obviously!

Wasn't there kind of a weird theme there at the end with the Tyler family? On normal Earth, Jackie's husband Pete had been killed in an accident. In alternate-universe Earth, Pete was still alive and married to an alternate Jackie, who then got killed. When the two met, they then got married. And then, (SPOILERS, but come on, I must be the last Doctor Who fan in the universe to see these episodes), Rose ends up with a sort of Doctor clone, who has his personality and his previous memories, but in a more convenient human form. So everyone in the whole family ends up with a duplicate, alternate version of the person they originally loved.

Which strikes me as slightly creepy. Mickey was right to get away from those people!

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SpyGirl said...

I love that you used the phrase "picturized on" in this post.