Monday, March 2, 2009

Home of the Space Paranoids

One might think that nobody goes bowling "in this day and age," but you would be wrong. My friends, heed my advice: call ahead and reserve your lanes.

So that was my Sunday: I broke 100 (hit 108, thank you very much!), possibly an all-time bowling record, so I have nowhere to go but down. Fortunately, that's fine with me.

Then we watched Tron, which I haven't seen in years. The plot is pretty slight, but I was amused at how it predated the Terminator and Matrix movies in some of its themes (there's even a videogame called Matrix Blasters). When the little people were fighting inside the computer (and is that happening now, whilst I type? Eeee!), I kept thinking, "Do you think that's air you're breathing?"

Also, what would have been more awesome than having a cool bachelor pad above your own rocking video arcade? Too bad I didn't get to see this movie in 1982, when I would have really appreciated it.

Saturday I was home alone, after a long week, and realized that my habits have shifted. In my previous life, it was not uncommon on a lazy Saturday night home to have a few glasses of wine and dig out particular songs from CDs I hadn't listened to in a while...the behavior Bridget Jones describes as turning into "a drunk, DJ-style person."

Now, I find myself having the few glasses of wine and watching my favorite picturizations. On that note, I have decided that Shah Rukh Khan really needs to wear leather pants in all his movies. He's already kind of skinny, so leather pants make him Rock Star Skinny!

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