Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'll never regret wearing black

In the new Harper's Bazaar, Sarah Jessica Parker, "who famously wore black on her wedding day," says she now "would choose white."

The actress' quotes: "I'm not kidding. White it up. I'd wear a beautiful, proper wedding dress, like I should have worn on the day...(My son) said, 'Do you still regret it?' and I said, 'Yes, I still regret it.' " (p. 378)

Here I thought she was supposed to be a fashionista.

For the record, I wore a beautiful, proper wedding dress. It was tulle, for pete's sake. It was also black, black, black, which looked very dramatic with a white veil. She needs to come to North Dakota, where we're stylish and we mean it!
(That's me, in the gown I've actually gotten to wear multiple times. In this case, for a poetry reading).

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Anonymous said...

I recognize the paneling, but not sure I ever saw wedding pictures of yours.