Tuesday, July 22, 2008

This Be the Verse, not that

Took a break from computer upgrades at work (oy vey, in its literal meaning: "oh, the pain!") and flipped through the latest People magazine. I've already forgotten who was on the cover. Oh, yeah, the Joliespawn.

Anyway, there was a review of a new book called Requiem, Mass.: A Novel, and they chose to headline it in bold letters with "They Mess You Up, Your Mum and Dad." This is almost exactly the opening line from Philip Larkin's most famous poem, but, uh, "mess" isn't the verb.
Here's the poem, on the first online site I came up with:


Why do they even bother? As I told one of my long-suffering co-workers, I am offended by their sanitizing.

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