Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A bottomless abyss of entertainment

I'm strolling around, looking for Doctor Who blogs in the same caliber of witty, loving irreverence that I've found in several Bollywood bloggers, but there are a million sites, and no clear way to narrow them down besides clicking on links (and, so far, finding discussion of the same BBC press releases).

Also, looking for spoilers, I went to Television Without Pity, a site I didn't intend to abandon for going corporate, except that after the take-over, it wasn't any fun anymore....anyway, I discovered that they dropped Doctor Who after series 2, which isn't all bad, since the guy writing the recaps was intolerably pompous.

Just got back from a sci-fi convention, and at one of the panels, someone said that Doctor Who fans are in a special category because they've been so spoiled: "Here are people who've been angry for years because their show only lasted 26 seasons. How can you cancel it? It was just getting good!" With the new show, that's 30 seasons of TV, not counting the spin-offs and an innumerable amount of iffily-canonical supporting material. Now that my interest has been re-energized (regenerated?), when will I find the time?

Especially since the DVD companies that release my other obsession advertise with phrases like "Over 1500 classic films!" -- most of them 3 hours long. Everything I find to be interested in becomes a full-time job of study. Like, if it's masterable, what fun would that be?

(Also went to a "Bollywood Sci-Fi" panel, in which someone in the audience actually asked about the Michael Jackson "Thriller" knock-off, and which movie that was from, giving me the chance to jump up and down and talk about Kasam Paida Karne Wale Ki. Life is good).

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