Thursday, June 5, 2008

Indiana Jones' Research Assistant

We finally went to the new Indiana Jones movie, and as usual I thought to myself, man, I want his job! Not the swashbuckling part, obviously, since I never even get around to doing the exercise DVDs I check out from the library. I wouldn't be any good to anyone in a fist fight.

No, I'd be happy with the academic knowledge, and that collection of old books and esoteric lore that he's always using to solve various problems. Even the teaching would be fine, if you could get tenure and still merrily abandon your classes (and, dear god, your grading) when something comes up. I guess, deep down, I'm still waiting for the day when my book-learnin' becomes vital to, well, somebody, and Indy has always given me hope that day will arrive.

Anyway, I enjoyed the movie, although it'll take some time to see how it settles into the series. (In retrospect, I like the second more than the third, which I wouldn't have thought on the first viewing of either).

My favorite bits: when a cross-campus chase leads to a motorcycle crash in the middle of the library, and Dr. Jones lands practically at the feet of a student who has a question about the reading. A detail that's oddly true to life! I was also amused to note that he's still assigning Michaelson. Hey, once you've got a good authoritative text...

Also (SPOILERS, people! You know me!), I might not always have thought this, but now that I'm a happily married old lady, I thought the movie had the most satisfying ending possible. It was actually refreshing for an action-adventure series to conclude with the hero getting married to Ms. Right. See, Hollywood: love can be shown to exist, and to be a good thing in life, without making it a schmaltzy be-all-and-end-all.

I think I'm much more in the Indiana Jones romance camp than I am, say, in the Sex and the City one (at least based on the reviews I've read of the new SATC movie, which will probably keep 'til it's on Netflix). But then, I guess I always was...

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