Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Forgotten Frog Brother

I happened across a reference to the new direct-to-DVD Lost Boys sequel, Lost Boys: The Tribe, and was absurdly happy to see Jamison Newlander in the credits. As you all know, he played Alan Frog, the brother of Corey Feldman's Edgar, who was always largely ignored in the dual-Corey heyday. Frankly, I'm much more interested to see him than I am to see them.

Speculation is rife on the IMDB boards that his "cameo" is going to be cut, but nobody has any real information. There's also a belief that, despite his second-billing on the cast list, Corey Haim only appears in an ending meant to set up a Lost Boys 3. I would have no problem with that proportion of screentime... sorry, Sam.

I'm sure the movie will suck (really, no pun; just a cold, hard fact), but I'm looking forward to it. The eternal horror fan hope that it'll be cheesy, rewatchable fun, and not just a painful experience you'd rather forget. Here's the trailer, which looks kind of shruggable after years of Buffy. I mean, we've all been over this ground a million times since the original movie came out. Also, I looked up the lead girl, and she not only looks like a character from The O.C., she was a character on The O.C., which never bodes well...


The "Shane" of whom they speak in the trailer is played by Angus Sutherland, little brother of Kiefer. That replacing of Chris Penn for Sean didn't work in that awful quasi-sequel to Fast Times at Ridgemont High, but I'm willing to reserve judgment.

Come to think of it, Kiefer and Jason Patric should really pull a Jamie Lee Curtis and give back to the movie that really made their careers. If she wasn't too good to do it, then neither are they.

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