Friday, April 25, 2008

The postman only had to ring once

I got a notice in the mail the other day that I had to be present for a package to be delivered. I was hoping it would be re-delivered today, so I made sure to be handy around mail-time. Turns out the package was sent Registered Mail because it was coming from India. And I had completely forgotten: a double disc of Ramsey Brothers horror insanity, Veerana and Purana Mandir 2: Saamri. My cup really does runneth over if something like that could slip my mind!

As an added bonus, inside the mailing envelope, the disc was padded with a sheet of the Hindustan Times, so the first thing I saw was the phrase "Abhishek Bachchan," and underneath it, in a bigger caption, "I am the boss." This was torn off from the accompanying photo, but I found the other piece, a picture of Abhishek in a Han Solo white shirt/black vest combo, next to a photo of Hrithak. The headline read: "Calling the shots: A-list actors are driving directors crazy with inputs, casting advice and editing diktats..."

You can read the whole delightfully gossipy article online at

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Beth Loves Bollywood said...

Wowee! Can't wait to read about them!

Have you had the fun experience of someone handing you a package from Eros Entertainment yet? That's always a doozy.

Abhishek looking like Han Solo? Dear god. What could be better than that?