Tuesday, March 11, 2008

When your stalker's cuter than your boyfriend...

It could be a conflict for a girl!

In 1993's Darr, perky Kiran's fiancee, a beefy naval Commando, can fight off a boatful of armed terrorists single-handed, but he can't seem to protect her from scrawny stalker Shah Rukh Khan. The musical numbers are forgettable -- the worst possible sin in a Bollywood movie. But as the unhinged Rahul, emoting to giant photos of his beloved, the young SRK already has more screen presence than his ostensible rival, Sunny Deol, who looks like he'd be more comfortable remaking Steven Seagal pictures.

And I've got to mention: when Kiran's off on her honeymoon, the completely deluded Rahul tracks her down, and he cries, "I'm coming, Kiran." It's a delightful mirror universe precursor to his iconic romantic moment ("I'm coming, Simran!") in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, made two years later.

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