Monday, March 31, 2008

An all-pervading aura of religiosity

On the street yesterday, I found a pint bottle of Phillips vodka, about a fourth full, and a Mickey's Big Mouth at least two-thirds full. Something weird was going on over the weekend, because abandoned bottles are everywhere, but not ones with alcohol left in them. My honey also found a two-inch magnetic letter on the sidewalk ("Hey U. What are U doing here? What should we do with U?") and, earlier in the day, had seen a photo of someone's dick on the sidewalk in front of the theater around the corner. When we went back, alas, it was gone. We assume from the blusteriness, and I had a mental picture of it crossing the path of some nearby church-goer.

After we ran our errands (library, comic book store), we got to thinking about dinner. My honey mentioned samosas, so we walked over to the Asian market. I haven't gotten down there in a while, which has obviously been a mistake. We stocked up some things (mmm, Bombay sandwich spread! The Ginseng Up soda I used to drink years ago, before my original supplier closed down!)

I also spent some time perusing their incense selection. There was Frank Incense, and flavors like honey and lemongrass. But what enthralled me was a whole series with Spanish names, mostly for Catholic saints. I ended up buying a Limpia Casa (pure house, blessing incense) and the classic Virgen de Guadalupe. The idea of incense being hand-rolled in Mumbai, packaged to appeal to Mexican and Mexican-American customers, for sale in my Obscure Midwestern City, made me happy.

The wrapping says of the Guadalupe incense: "A compelling incense that creates an all-pervading aura of religiosity. Inhale deeply to purify the mind and spirit."

I'm not sure it's that easy, but it's worth a shot.

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