Sunday, August 5, 2007

There are plenty of human curiosities outside of the tent.

Today's headline: "Drivers' blind trust in bridges is gone." Ya think? I don't know how exactly most people are going to be able to avoid them. Maybe someone should have listened to my Crazy Ralph naysaying years ago. (Crazy Ralph being, of course, the prophet of doom in the early Friday the 13th movies. "It's got a death curse!")

Anyway, I'm supposed to be leaving on a short excursion today. Barely a trip, but somewhere I'm planning to be outdoors and take pictures. So of course I've woken up to gloom and damp. It's true, I have some skill at drawing the precipitation, although it hasn't been tested scientifically, so I can't really hire myself out. But I swear, the minutes I'm going somewhere, the rain is going to fall, a blizzard is going to come out of nowhere. When I went to the Atlantic Ocean, water-going activities were limited because there'd just been an enormous, unseasonal storm, and the waves were still dangerous.

Now that I think about it, there were two years when the town I lived in had terrible droughts. At the same time, I was at my brokest, and wasn't attempting to travel. I was just stuck in town, sweltering. If only I'd taken donations for a couple of bus tickets, there'd at least have been rain the days I left and the days I came back, which would have been good for the farmers...

Come to think of it, my anecdotal evidence is at least as sound as that in, say, the Mothman Prophecies book. I could totally write up an account and print business cards advertising myself as a human curiosity. But I'd need to either have no shame, or believe my own bullshit. Neither of those options are really possible. So I guess I'll just keep amusing myself. And try to remember my umbrella.

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