Friday, August 10, 2007

Dubious Kitten Face

Somebody in my house kept me up all night, pouncing on my feet for no good reason. It's not as if I have strange new feet that she has never seen before. They didn't just materialize under the covers like some form of unusual cat toy.

Then that same someone would rush up to about chest-level and heap herself in one giant flop into my chin, purring like a maniac. Like nothing in the world could be more fun than chasing stationary feet. Then she rolled around a little to maximize the skritching I felt compelled to provide about her head and chin. And then just stopped, looked up, and stared at me with this expression of complete skepticism, like she'd just decided I was the most unfathomable thing I've ever seen.

I know I'm an incredible anthropomorphizer, but that's a look of judgment if I've ever seen one. I could almost see the wheels of thought whirring behind her half-closed eyes. Absolute dubiosity, and then, what the heck, pet me!

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