Sunday, April 12, 2020

The Bellydabbler, Part I

Now that I'm working from home and have extra time due to the lack of commute, but also am not getting out of the house and getting my regular (not much) amount of exercise, I decided to bust out my collection of bellydance DVDs.

I am no expert, believe me, although I'm not an absolute beginner either. I'm not sure how any of these DVDs would work if you're brand-new, since at least I don't need to have shimmies or hip drops explained to me anymore, and I'm familiar with other of the terminology (like "releve" when you go up on your toes), but I'm listing what I've done so far.

After almost two weeks, I've found I'm already more confident about picking and choosing, and mixing up DVDs, although I haven't gone through all of them yet.

One of the most important things is listening to my body, knowing when to quit, and when something is too advanced or strenuous for me. If I need to cut it short, I do, and then do some stretching. I'm trying to alternate areas of the body that I'm working on, although it's sort of haphazard. In general, a more strenuous day leads to a more gentle day. Also, I obviously skipped some days, although I've been consistently doing light stretches.

Day 1. From The Belly Dance Shimmy Workout, with Sarah Skinner: Chapters 1-3. That got a little strenuous, but felt good! I'll get back to that.

Day 2. I could tell from the day before that my arms need some work, so I did some light weight lifting with my smallest weights. I have a routine I got from an old Jane Fonda workout video back in the day, which is pretty basic. She said to do weights only every other day, so that's what I've always believed! Then I did the Circles and Loops sections from Luscious: The Bellydance Workout for Beginners (with Neon).

Day 3. The Organic Movement section from Belly Dance: Opulent Motion, the Artistry of Slow Moves with Sarah Skinner.

Day 6.  Arm weights and a longer period of stretches, based on things I remember from classes.

Day 7. From Sacred Bellydance (Temple of Jehan): Stretching and Breathing from Disc 1, plus Hips, into some Walks, from Disc 2.

Day 8. Arm weights, then the Tune-Up section of Temple Goddess Workout with Revital Carrol. I did some of the Cool Down as well, but it was a little too much yoga for me.

Day 10. Arm weights, stretching.

Day 11. I did Hips and Chest through Chapter 9 in Shaabi Dance - Technique & Combinations for Belly Dance (with Shahrzad). Then I went on a long walk, and between the two things, I definitely overdid it! I strained a muscle in my shin, of all places.

Day 12. Put off the arm weights until tomorrow! Went back to Sacred Bellydance for the Warmup, Stretching and Breathing again, and Foot Stretches. Also did some Arm segments from Rachel Brice's Bellydance Arms & Posture.

I will try to keep notating my routine, and maybe I'll come up with some helpful suggestions in the end, for my fellow dabblers!

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