Wednesday, October 31, 2018

The Most Wonderful Time

Wishing everyone a wonderful Hallow's Eve, Hallowe'en, Samhain, or whatever name you call the blessed 31st of October! It's been a busy season, full of horror movie-watching, pumpkin-carving, and walking around at night inspecting the tombstones in people's front yards.

II'm particularly excited about the post-Halloween season since I'm the "next week on" guest on classic horror movie expert Derek M. Koch's Monster Kid Radio. (I'll update with details). Not only did we discuss Robert E. Howard and the fine 1965 film The Beach Girls and the Monster, but we talked about my Halloween stocker-stuffer novella, The Jack-o-Lantern Box. You can see that over on the right. It's something I wrote for love, wanting to preserve the feeling of an old-timey 1970s Halloween, so it was gratifying to hear that someone whose work I have so much respect for was able to relate to it and appreciate it as much as he did.

Next up, I'm starting to look for a home for a full-length novel (equally non-commercial, huzzah!), and have various projects, fiction and nonfiction, in various states of disarray. There may be a 19th-century Christmas coming up next, but I'll let you know once there's something to tell.

In the meantime, enjoy everything the thinning of the veil has to offer.

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