Friday, January 1, 2016

Who Else Will Toot It?

An update on my various doings around the web, and in so-called real life. It feels very horn-tooty to talk about, but I've got to get over that if I want to survive in the modern world. And it's January 1st, so a good time for a review.

Most recently, I fulfilled a long-time ambition and did an audio recording for LibriVox, whose motto is "acoustical liberation of books in the public domain." Here's me, reading James Thomson's "The City of Dreadful Night," as part of a short poetry collection.  I'm track 3. Currently, I'm recording an audiobook of one of my favorite, lesser-known Gothic novels. More about that later!

In 2014, I had my first blog post on the awesome Robert E. Howard site Two Gun Raconteur. I ended up tweaking that post, "I Put a Spell On You: Robert E. Howard's Voodoo and Conjure Stories," and presenting it at this year's PCA/ACA Conference in New Orleans, where I got to meet some of my REHupa colleagues  in person. (That's the Robert E. Howard United Press Association). The essay was nominated for a Robert E. Howard Foundation award, and although it didn't won (I voted for the winner myself, because it deserved it), it netted me the Venarium Award as an Emerging Scholar. Which is an amazing honor, and I'm still kind of floored. I did some more work on Howard, and on the amazing Welsh weird writer Arthur Machen, about which there'll be more to know in 2016.

The TGR blog (as we shorten it) also published my essay "The Brazen Peacock," about the appearance of the Yezidis in Howard's fiction.
In the summer, also to my great surprise, my poetry book Votive: Poems and Oracle was selected by artist Marjorie Schlossman as the basis for a series of paintings, which will be part of the local Arts Partnership's Community Supported Art project. That's also still in the works. I've seen some of the series, and the style and concept fit so well with my poems, it's like they were written just for this. Which is bizarre, considering I didn't think anyone would even like them, but awesome.

I've got three different book manuscripts out: two are in the submission limbo, and one has already had some rejections, but is still sauntering forth into the world, with hope in its heart.

Also, I'm continuing with the belly dancing: notably with Shimmy Mob 2015, which was fracking FREEZING.

And I "acted" and did behind-the-scenes production assisting on a few short horror trailers for the GrindFlicks Fargo events.

Plus I got a new job.

Whew! It's no wonder it's taken me so long to update my blog!

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