Monday, May 4, 2015

Imaginary Guests, DC Edition

Current unexpected obsession: the CW hits Arrow and The Flash. These are shows I never thought I'd watch, much less love, but here they are, hitting exactly the right marks I want in "comic-book" entertainment. (Yikes, archery-related puns!) The fact that we have these on TV, and the Marvel movies, at the same time, kind of blows my mind.

Since these shows have been bringing in various characters from the DC universe, I've been trying to decide who I most want them to pull from the back pages as guest stars. Keep in mind I'm only midway through Arrow's season two, just in the unlikely case I've already gotten a wish and don't know yet.

My top choice would be Chloe Sullivan. She was created for Smallville, but since she has backstory with their alternate version of Oliver Queen, her presence would be awesome. Even as an Easter egg, I'd be happy. In lieu of (or in addition to!), a guest appearance by actress Allison Mack would be equally welcome, especially if she were playing a drastically different character.

Next, I've got a tie between Buddy Baker (Animal Man), and Zatanna. What's great about them is that they could work on either show. On The Flash, with all their meta-human shenanigans, they could turn up in their flashier, superhero versions. Over on Arrow, they could be stripped down to more "realistic" essences: Buddy as the family man and animal rights activist who thinks he has a special rapport with animals, and whose idealism might get him into trouble, and Zatanna as a professional stage magician (maybe performing at a Queen Consolidated function?), whose seemingly "real" mystical powers could be based in science, trickery, or hypnotism.

I also keep thinking about the Martian Manhunter, but I'm not sure either show is quite ready for him yet!

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