Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Anthropomorphic Tuesday

Filmi Secret Santas have begun (see ringleader Beth's blog for more info, if you're curious), and I have been blessed with an awesome taste of Disco Masala:

There has been a tragic lack of Disco Masala in my life lately, which I must remedy, and quickly!

Speaking of films, when, o when, will I be able to see this movie? It was clearly designed for a Target Audience of One, who is Me. (Naginas, Irfan, and the author of The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer together at last).

Or this one? For which the same comment applies. (Crazy-looking psychological horror film. About ballet!)

I know it's already too late, what with the cursed "limited releases," but I want them both to be huge hits, or at least major cult favorites, so the "Sci Fi" Channel will someday do a crossover extravaganza: Swan Vs. Nagina. The very fate of the human species will be at stake, so -- dance-off! But in the end, the ballet dancing Swan and the Kathak dancing Nagina will join forces to destroy the dull, colorless Philistines who are going to tear down the roller rink for an overpass ... wait, how did Roller Boogie get in there?


Beth Loves Bollywood said...

Clearly Black Swan vs Nagina is destined to be YOUR masterpiece! Get cracking!

And while you're at it, work in some rock dancing too.

I am SO pleased at who got your name in the Secret Santas pool. It is a match made in Disco Masala heaven!

bollyviewer said...

So Mithun's dancing was nothing but guitar-phobia? That explains a LOT!!!

And did you just call Sridevi's "snake dance" in Nagina "Kathak"?! NAHIIIIIIN!!! Whatever it was, and I will desist from naming it, it was not even a bastardized form of Kathak...

Anarchivist said...

Beth: I think a tish of "Rock, Rock, Rock Dancing" could be arranged.

Bollyviewer: Fear not! This is only MY fantasy version of a Nagina film, in which there would be actual dancing. GOOD dancing. There might be a few jokey in-references to Sridevi, but that would be all. :)