Tuesday, September 15, 2009

From "A Rock and Roll Fable" to "A Violent Love Story"

Hmmm...I wonder which concept I'd prefer?

I'm almost an hour into Tezaab. As rumor had it, I'm finding it obviously loosely based on 1984's Streets of Fire -- a movie that superficially looks up my alley, but when I've tried to watch it, found it too boring to finish. So far, the Hindification has worked wonders, making a much more interesting film.

It doesn't hurt that Anil is such an upgrade from Michael Pare. So far we've seen him with a truly a-MAZE-ing pompadour, as a tough street bhai; flashback Anil as a squeaky-clean Naval officer in a crisp white uniform; and another flashback Anil working as a swim instructor, super-hairy in a tank top and tight bathing trunks. I can only hope there are further crazy avatars to come!

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