Saturday, June 27, 2009

You gotta know when to hold 'em

My blog has suffered in the last few weeks, while I've been working on some more ambitious projects. (Hopefully there will be updates later). I've been listening to the soundtracks for Dil To Pagal Hai and Dev.D over and over, with forays into Suraiya's 2-disc Golden Collection. None of which is particularly relevant to the ambitious projects, but I find inspiring nonetheless.

We did sneak in a big-screen showing of 1993's Baazigar at my house, and I feel compelled to mention that its climax manages to reference both Arthurian legend (the deaths of Mordred and Arthur in some versions of the story) and the Pieta within about a five minute span. In the context of the story, that's fairly odd, but then, it's an odd movie in many ways.

Not the least in that Gauri Khan actually took a screen credit for Shah Rukh's deranged costumery!

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