Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Old/New Stomping Grounds

My Place of Employment has been in a temporary location for the past two years, and we recently moved into a new building on the same site as my original Place of Employment. Consequently, I'm having to re-learn the whole lay of the neighborhood, which is especially interesting since Flood Time 2009 isn't over yet.

There's been lots of information about which bridges are closed and/or open to traffic, but nobody ever mentions the footpath. I noticed today that there's a whole new line of dike on the riverside leading to the NP Avenue bridge, so while the bridge is open for cars, the sidewalk leading to it is inaccessible. There was way too much traffic for experimentation, so I couldn't tell if the pedestrian part of the actual bridge is get-at-able or not. If the entrance to the pedestrian bridge is open, then a person could walk on the grass across the street (where there's no sidewalk), and then cross at the last minute to get to the pedestrian bridge.

If not, with the 1st Avenue bridge completely blocked by dike, that would make the Main Avenue bridge the only way to get across the river on foot. (And either way, it's the only halfway safe option, since the automobile bridge on NP has a really dubious curve).

In today's recon mission, I also learned that noonish is when the nearby steel works has their lunch, so it's not an ideal time to run to the gas station for coffee.

Also, I wasn't surprised that the expensive furniture store and some of those architects are gone, but when a pawn and used gun shop goes out of business, it's a sign that the economy is REALLY in trouble. Fortunately, the mission church next door is still going strong. I've always wanted to check out its services, but I'm unlikely to be anonymous among its congregation. I'm fairly confident that a familiar homeless guy would ask "What are you doing here?" and I don't have an answer for that.

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