Saturday, January 24, 2009

Final answer

Well, I finally saw Slumdog Millionaire. And, yeah, it was okay. (Adopts jaded posture).

Kidding! I loved it! A few random thoughts:

I would not have guessed the question about the famous Indian poets correctly, but at least I'm familiar with all of them.

Anil needs to do a version of Faust. He can play either Faust, or the Devil. Or both. Double role!

Afterwards, I heard a woman ask someone "So, what did you think of Rupee Regis?" I don't know quite how to react to that, but it's better than that screening of Born Into Brothels where I heard a woman in the restroom refer to the kids' mothers as "stupid whores." I'm still horrified!

I'm glad Irfan got more and better screen time than I was expecting, based on what I'd heard.

Speaking of, I was perversely intrigued by villainous Ankur Vikal, who I hope to see in a lot more movies. I think he had the part Irfan would have done five years ago.

I'm glad I read Sacred Games, even apart from its own virtues, so I was able to understand a lot of the untranslated profanity.

My husband got to the theater early to buy our tickets, and a guy coming out of the previous show started chatting with him. The stranger asked, "Are you familiar with Bollywood films?" Ha ha ha!


a ppcc representative said...

"Rupee Regis"?!!! Oh God.

Totally agree that Anil should be the Devil. But then, I think Anil should be in EVERYTHING nowadays.

The horrible mob boss was in Musafir - incidentally one of the worst movies ever made (despite starring... Anil).

That Born Into Brothels comment - ARGHHHHH, MY EARS, MY HEART, MY BRAIN!

Poor Irrfan.

SpyGirl said...

I wonder if there's a Bollywood-watchers' spouses' support group.

Anonymous said...
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