Saturday, June 30, 2007

Moral Superiority is the Coin of My Realm

Today my head is all full of techno-snarls, and I feel very un-clever. Last night I stumbled onto a trivia contest at the Fake Irish Pub, though, and got to feel super-smart. In all categories except sports and geography: still haunted by my Trivial Pursuit Achilles heels. But c'mon, they were asking questions like "What character from Cheers appeared in The Empire Strikes Back?" And I was all like, please, they're not even trying. A real question would be like, "What cannibalism-themed motion picture did the same actor appear in?" And "What was the name of that character's rock band?"

(A: Motel Hell, and Ivan and the Terribles. Everybody knows that).

Of course, if we'd been playing, we could have won ... drumroll, please! A pitcher of beer. Which I don't drink. So it's a good thing that moral superiority is the coin of my realm!

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