Saturday, October 20, 2007

Torturing the neighbors with my snooze alarm

Hey, I somehow erased the screen again. I wish I knew how to do that on purpose. I was going off about how the guilt is sometimes the only thing that dredges me out of bed in the morning, when the clock radio blares startling snippets of bad music into the quiet morning. Especially when my honey should be getting to sleep in late, and I'm the one with the problematic early schedule. But at least he married me voluntarily, and the poor neighbors are probably cursing me.

I don't even know what station it's on. Whatever we'd actually picked degenerated into static, and boy, was that unpleasant to wake up to. This morning there was something intrumental, then a commercial, and then it cut into a song right at the lyric "She's out of my league." I jumped up and hit the "off" button. (Of course, when I went to get my glasses, little Chloe jumped on my chest and tried to pin me back down. I thought cats were supposed to wake you up, not force you back to bed).

The coffee was starting before I even realized what the song was. "She's Like the Wind." Eek!

Of course, I'm listening to REO Speedwagon right now, so I'm not in any position to judge. (But pre Hi Infidelity, of course). I was thinking about a few of those other songs I heard a million times in my childhood and never hear anymore. I was particularly taken with the lyrics, "A woman can't be high class in a lonely farmers' town."

Damn right. That's why I grew up, escaped, and came all the way to....North Dakota. Because I'm so sophisticated. But at least it's the Manhattan of North Dakota.

Oh, I do crack myself up, and it is sad.

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