Tuesday, October 16, 2007

One of the Beautiful People

I read the first Gossip Girl book last night. It took about an hour, but it wasn't terrible, and certainly all the people howling about its immorality can't have read it, or didn't read it carefully. (As carefully as I did in an hour, ha!)

As you may or may not know, this is a very popular teen book series, now a tv show, all about the spoiled, privileged children of the super-rich. They're depicted as basically the richest, most beautiful, most stylish people on the planet. Two lipsticks were namechecked in the first book: Urban Decay's Gash and Chanel's Vamp. I have owned and worn both of these lipsticks. They're probably still floating around in various handbags, which is where I always find my lipsticks. I don't even know where my Pallor is (also Urban Decay), and that's probably the one I wear the most.

Anyway, the book came out in 2002, and I associate Gash and Vamp with, oh, '95-'97, so I was all like, hey, I'm the it girl! Waaay ahead of the Manhattan trendies! (More likely that the author had it in manuscript awhile. Gee, I don't know what that's like).

Some of you who know me are chuckling at the idea of me wearing makeup at all. It has happened, on occasion. I think the Revlon Red Tomato is still my favorite. I used to buy it at the drugstore in the hood, and at least one friend told me it was their Grandma's shade. But alas, it's probably full of lead.

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