Friday, March 5, 2010

The Immortal Villainy of Amrish Puri

Remember I was talking about how Amrish Puri never won the Filmfare Award for Best Villain? When called upon to make a short video to edit together for a community ed class, only one subject came to mind: paying tribute to Amrish's evil (fictional) ways.

Here it is: Me on YouTube. God help us all.

Obviously, there are three things I plan to change in editing: the shuffling needs to be shortened, the part where I look at the camera (gah!) needs to be removed, and it needs to end with a close-up of Amrish Triumphant. Maybe zoomed in three times. However, I didn't get the lighting right for the last part, so the footage I had on hand didn't work, and as for the first two problems -- well, I'd been editing for three hours on a completely new, non-intuitive computer program, so I'd had it! But I just had to share my glee that it turned out even this well, and I'll let you know when a better version is available.


memsaab said...

You need to get yourself to B-town and start work on your own filmi career ;-)

Anarchivist said...

Baby steps!

the post-punk cinema club said...


Ok, so I always knew I liked you, Anarchivist, but now... ummm, yeah.

And you used jump cuts! JUMP CUTS!