Thursday, January 21, 2010

Inordinately Pleased With Self

I happened across a recent mystery novel yesterday that was called The Price of Blood, and I immediately thought: Khoon Ki Keemat!

Not only does that appear correct, but as it turns out, it was a movie starring Ashok Kumar.

It doesn't feel like learning when you get it from particularly lame Mithun Chakraborty movies, but I'll take what I can get.

And in other news, I got 100% on my ham radio licensing test. The guys giving the exam looked at me like I'm some sort of brilliant technological prodigy, but sadly, I just studied really, really a lot. It was a serious accomplishment for me, though, since I know I have no natural aptitude for the material whatsoever. I tell ya, I puzzled long and hard over the relationship of wavelength to frequency, and suchlike facts.

Now I am obsessive-compulsively checking the FCC database to see when my information goes in. (The database gets updated before the license shows up in the mail, so you can start broadcasting as soon as you're in the system. And, in my case, as soon as you acquire a freaking radio to broadcast with). That's also when I will find out what my callsign is. I know already that it's not going to be anything cool: no Starbucks and Apollos with the FCC. No imagination!


bollyviewer said...

Congrats! You certainly have reason to celebrate - in sparkly clothes and disco lights.

Wont FCC allow you to pick 'Helen' or 'Mithun' as a call sign? Not even if you paid the going rate for Khoon Ki Keemat? ;-)

memsaab said...

Speaking of Ki Keemat, where is your review of Roti KK?

I don't have the energy, was counting on you for it :) And congrats FCC genius. Perhaps one day you can run it.

Anonymous said...
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