Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Numerology claims another victim

The first time I saw the "Ajay Devgn" thing, I thought to myself: typo. But the second time, I said "Ahhhh. Somebody went to the astrologist!"

And I was right! Okay, so this happened last August, but I didn't notice it until all the recent promos for his new movie.

See story here, among other places. (Many seem to be sharing the same story, and who knows who printed it first. Among the many hazards of Internetage is the citing of sources).

I love how this story says that people have apparently been after him for years to change his name "to 'make it more balanced' and therefore attract success." Because being a critically acclaimed actor who's MARRIED TO KAJOL makes you a failure? But even better, he finally did it "for health reasons."

That's the same thing Hollywood starlets say when they get nose jobs!

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memsaab said...

Yeah...my love and respect for him took a bit of a nosedive over this (no pun re: nose jobs intended). Sigh. The world outside just gets stupider.