Thursday, August 20, 2009

In the ongoing series: What's Wrong with this World?

I try, I really do, to just check my email without being sucked into whatever ludicrous stories Yahoo is pushing on me. Especially, say, when I'm not even remotely thinking about job interviews or tips thereon. But morbid curiosity is, after all, what killed the Goth cat. Today, it was the phrase "Don't be a smiley face" that caught my attention and made me say "Fine! I'll click on it!"

Yes, the "Yahoo! hotjobs" (sic) site's top, number one, biggest job interview faux pas is: smiling too much. Apparently, smiling makes a person seem nervous and phony. One is supposed to be "thoughtful and pleasant," but only "smile when there's something to smile about."

Of course, someone like me will say: there's always something to smile about!

I think the business world has a lot to answer for when it's considered sensible advice to tell people not to smile. Fortunately, from my observations, many people are much more successful at it than I am, so good for them. The next dour and seemingly unfriendly customer service person I see, I'll just think, well, they're probably not allowed to smile! Just not professional enough.

I wonder if I can do something like the pedometer challenge: a smileometer. When I leave the house, see how long it takes me before I smile at some random person on the sidewalk. Unfortunately, if I stop for coffee, it'll all be over before it starts...


bollyviewer said...

Sounds like I should go for an interview BEFORE I've had my first cup of coffee for the day!

Memsaab said...

Running on the hamster wheel endlessly day after day will wipe that smile right off your face!