Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Early Morning QSL

Around 10:30 this morning (World Time, so yes, I was up waaaay too early), I tuned in a channel around 6042 kHz and listened to a scientist being interviewed about the upcoming solar eclipse. Then they played the Ting Tings song "That's Not My Name." And then the station identification: China Radio International.

I wouldn't have guessed they'd be playing the Ting Tings in China, but see: ya just never know.

(I also got surprisingly good reception from Radio New Zealand International, "the Voice of the Pacific." I listened to some local politics from the Southern Highlands in Papua New Guineau, and New Caledonia: unfortunately tuning in just as a local official from the latter called a coalition's plan "rubbish," but not quite catching the subject of debate. Judging by the website, I think I was listening to the "Bougainville/Papua New Guinea and Timor Transmission," which "is directed to the North Western Pacific and Asia." In other words, nowhere near me. I'm not usually up early enough to catch the Grey Line, but I should definitely make more of an effort...)

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