Sunday, April 26, 2009

New reason to love Shah Rukh

Okay, it can't really be "the Man and Star Called Shah Rukh Khan" (as the subtitle to the new Shah Rukh Can book has it) who actually posts on his apparently official Twitter site. It must be someone who works for his production company or something. But still. Still! He tweeted an "R.I.P." on Bea Arthur that included her clip from the Star Wars Holiday Special. This is a whole new level of crazy-awesomeness.

Which makes it even more frustrating that I got my Billu DVD in the mail yesterday, and it didn't play. Yarg! Hopefully I can get a replacement without much hassle and, more importantly, SOON. So I can watch it.


Beth Loves Bollywood said...


a ppcc representative said...

(1) SRK tweets?
(2) SRK watches The Golden Girls?
(3) SRK makes references to esoteric Star Wars trivia, such as the Holiday Special?

I may start loving SRK again.