Thursday, January 29, 2009

Apparently, being realistic has backfired

I couldn't resist clicking on a link to MSN's current list of "5 Least Marketable Degrees," and much to my surprise, English Literature wasn't on it! (However, both Journalism and Advertising, fields people used to try to push me into in the name of being practical and realistic, were on the list, which warmed my heart).

Funny to think, I was once so young, people thought I could be convinced to become "realistic."

I'm assuming this is only because English is in the "Goes Without Saying" category, the "Least Marketable Hall of Fame."

Actually, the only real "Liberal Arts" category on the list was Film Studies, apparently because of a less-profitable outlook for movie blockbusters. All the Film Studies types I've ever known were more on the indie film snob end of the spectrum, more "ooh, Dogme 95!" than "I want to be the next Joel Silver," so I'm not sure how relevant that is. (And no offense is meant by the phrase "film snob," speaking as a literary snob).

Maybe now really is the time to study Hindi more seriously, or Comparative Religions, or other completely impractical areas of interest. Not that I'm personally going to find anything less practical than my degree in poetry. But honestly, can it really hurt?

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