Friday, November 14, 2008

VOA: Voice of the Anarchivist?

Or VOV: Voice of the Velvet Flamingo? I have too many aliases, and yet, no anonymity. One of those modern-world conundrums!

Came home sick yesterday, called in again today, with the phrase, "It's really annoying." And it is! Especially since it casts doubt on my cavalier attiude of "I'm not worried about germs; they're good for the immune system!" I don't want to start rushing for the hand sanitizer. But the nose-throat-cough-sneeze-struggle to swallow cold symptoms are downright irritating. The balloon of stuffiness in my head seems to impair my cognitive abilities, and if I'm home, I'd like to be able to DO stuff, not just lie around.

Anyway, my hobby for the day is the Voice of America Radio: The easiest way for me to get in is via this link, and then to select a language on the drop-down menu on the right. (I'm assuming you people with actual podcasting experience will find more convenient routes). Each language brings up a menu of shows; for the "Live" ones you have to concern yourself with Universal Time, so I'm listening to the "On Demand" programs. I've listened to Pashto, Shona, Amharic, and now Burmese, and there are many, many new languages to listen to. All I understand is an occasional phrase like "Bush" and "Obama," or a reference to the Taliban, but it's still vair interesting.

What a job, to attempt to speak for an entire country. I can barely coherently present the point of view of a single individual, who happens to be me.

If anyone can find a way to listen to All-India Radio online, let me know. They don't have any audio available through their website, and they don't broadcast specifically to North America, that I can tell, so catching them on my actual radio would be quite a feat...

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